Conference Topics

Conference Topics

include, but are not limited to the following:

ME – Marine Engineering:

  1. Ship Design (Hydrodynamic, Stability, Powering),
  2. Propulsion Transmission Systems, Analytic Design Procedures, Experimental Data
  3. Ship Production Technologies
  4. Marine Turbines and Energy Extractors
  5. Drilling, Production, Construction, Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering
  6. Structures, Safety and Reliability
  7. Marine Environment and Safety
  8. Maintenance and Repair Technology
  9. Ship Conversion


OE – Offshore Engineering:

  1. Autonomous Vehicles for Offshore Exploration
  2. Deepwater Dry Tree System
  3. Floating Systems
  4. Flow Assurance
  5. Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
  6. Geosciences in Offshore Projects
  7. High Pressure High Temperature
  8. Installation/Construction/Pipelay and Operations
  9. International Standards – Adapting to Local Requirements
  10. IOR/EOR
  11. Marginal Deepwater Production
  12. Materials Technology
  13. Minimizing Environmental Discharge
  14. Ocean Engineering Resources
  15. Offshore Artificial Lift
  16. Offshore Emergency Response & Recovery
  17. Offshore Governance & Regulations
  18. Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities Security
  19. Offshore Oil and Gas Platform Security
  20. Operating in the Monsoon Season
  21. Project Management and Economics
  22. Reservoir Modeling Technology
  23. Riser Systems
  24. Sensors and Measurements for Environmental Hazards
  25. Subsea Production and Processing System
  26. Wells and Completion Technology
  27. Offshore Technology (floating platforms, anchoring and mooring computations)
  28. Pipeline and Riser Technology (design, analysis, installation, pipe soil interaction, flexible pipes)
  29. Modeling and Structure Analysis of Offshore Structures
  30. Pipeline and Welding Technology


MT – Marine Transportation:

  1. Logistics in Marine Engineering
  2. Port and Coastal Management and Engineering
  3. Maintenance and Optimization
  4. Conditional Monitoring of Marine Engineering
  5. Marine Simulation


MO – Maintenance and Optimization: