About Us

About Us

Automotive and Marine Engineering Technology Department:


The department aims at supporting the students with education and training to develop technological skills in the field of specialization

Automotive: For automotive specialization, the students are educated both practically and theoretically in technology covering the various types of power-driven vehicles. The students are acquainted with the operation, maintenance and repairs of all components of the various transportation vehicle

Marine: The students are educated practically and theoretically to be able to operate, maintain and repair ship-power-plants and their auxiliaries. They are given ample coverage both in practice and theory in the fields of naval architecture, deck machinery and steering. This is backed with laboratory and workshop training.

Laboratories and Workshops : The marine and automotive technology department is equipped with a series of laboratories and workshops for serving the above-mentioned specialization:

o Steaming Laboratory o Simulating Laboratory o Auxiliary Machinery Laboratory o Shipbuilding Laboratory o Diesel Laboratory o Filing workshop. o Internal Combustion Machinery Laboratory o Fuel Pumping Laboratory o Automotive Electricity o Automotive Workshop. o Auxiliary Machinery Workshop.

Graduates Qualifications: In addition to the general qualifications of CTS graduates, the department prepares the student with the ability to do the following:


Automotive specialization :

o select the proper vehicles according to the various methods of operation . o understand and follow instructions in the operating and service booklets . o diagnose, maintain and repair different types of automotive.


Marine Specialization :

o perform the training and pass the international test to qualify as a marine engineer to work on the deck of the ships . o to work in the shipyards and ports. o to work in stationary or marine power plants .


Public Authority of Applied Education and Training (PAAET):



Since issuing the law which has to do with establishing Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in 28/12/1982, the main aim for this authority was to develop human resources in order to build a new standard for Kuwait which is full of dignity and honour the law stated that the aim of this authority is to save and to develop the powers of business sector in order to face a lot of defect points in public and technical power, and obeying all of the development needs, at this law added a personal and moral posture on the first item and made a nonconformist budget in its seven item.

PAAET is comprises 5 colleges (College of Basic Education, College of Business Studies, College of Health Science, College of Technological Studies, and College of Nursing), in addition to 7 institutes.   Students receiving sponsorship by The Public Authority for Applied Education & Training are required to follow a set of guidelines and regulations that should be abided for the duration of their studies.  These regulations and guidelines should cover accommodation, tickets, tuition fees and other kind of allowances. Please refer to the following for more information.


College of Technological Studies (CTS):




The College of Technological Studies (CTS) at Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. CTS represent an undergraduate education and research community dedicated to transforming engineering, in all its profusion and variety, into knowledge. This welcome is just one way to provide you with some information about our wide range of exciting activities. Our society is increasingly knowledge-based. Therefore, we construct graduates who have significant value added abilities and see themselves as life-long learners. We have embarked on a number of initiatives designed to ensure our leadership in many new and exciting areas of research and education. This web site contains a lot of information about us and through it we invite you to explore the many facets of the College of Technological Studies. We further invite you to call us and to visit our beautiful campus.